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Legends of the Monsterverse Kickstarter-exclusive Omnibus! | Geeky Unboxings
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Legends of the Monsterverse Kickstarter-exclusive Omnibus! | Geeky Unboxings

Ken gives a peek at the Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover Omnibus of LEGENDS OF THE MONSTERVERSE from Legendary and Rocketship! ABOUT: The Monsterverse Omnibus features an all-new, never published story, Call to Action from writer Brian Buccellato (Batman, Cannibal, The Flash) with illustrations by Zid (Dune: The Official Movie Graphic Novel , Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead), with a Kickstarter-exclusive cover and a deluxe Kickstarter-exclusive slipcase which WILL NOT be available in retail. The Monsterverse Omnibus Collection is an oversized, 7"x11" graphic novel featuring approximately 500 pages of content. Legendary Comics brings fans the full compendium of Monsterverse tales: - Godzilla: Awakening by Max Borenstein, Greg Borenstein, Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet, and Alan Quah - Skull Island: The Birth of Kong by Arvid Nelson, and Zid - Godzilla: Aftershock by Arvid Nelson, and Drew Edward Johnson - Godzilla: Dominion by Greg Keyes, Drew Edward Johnson, and Allen Passalaqua - Kingdom Kong by Marie Anello and Zid - And an all-new story, Call to Action - set during the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, a Naval fighter pilot with a personal attachment to Godzilla is put to the test when his squadron is called upon to intercept the King of the Monsters. #Monsterverse #Godzilla #Kong *********************** Geek Pants and Geeky Unboxings logos designed by Snollygoster Productions *********************** Music used in video: 'Dangerous Toys' by SefChol *********************** **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED**


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