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Once Upon A Time... in Thunder Bay

The Geek Pants Origin Story

Ken Livitski and Chris Mercier have been friends since 1987 while Ken and Kris Fedick have known each other since 1994. In 2015, Ken launched a YouTube channel -- a place where he could publicly hang with Kris (playing board games during the weekly BOARD OFF! series) and Chris (chatting comics and movies). That venture was short-lived, though, as Ken moved across Canada to Vancouver.

In 2017, Ken returned back home to Thunder Bay and re-branded the old YouTube channel as Geek Pants Media, successfully launching the Geek Pants Camcast with Chris, resurrecting BOARD OFF! with Kris (plus re-releasing the classic 2015 episodes), and providing videos for Hi-Def Ninja titled The GeekCap.

On top of that, Ken has also begun producing Shriek Pants, a horror-themed podcast, and Ken Likes Comics, a comicbook-themed podcast. Both of those appear alongside an audio-only version of the Geek Pants Camcast through SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Things will only get bigger and better from here, so stay tuned (cue Marvel vs. Capcom 2 theme music)... we wanna take you for a ride!

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