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Full-day streaming event this Saturday -- come celebrate with us!

G'day, Geek-Pantsers!

If you've been following along lately, you'd know that not only did we hit the 6-year mark for Geek Pants Media, but we recently eclipsed 1000 subscribers on YouTube! For us, that's huge!

In celebration, I'll be getting together with co-founders Kris Fedick and Chris Mercier this Saturday for an all-day streaming event live on YouTube and Facebook! I've been excited about this for a few months now and it's cool to know that it's only a couple days away! It's especially exciting to know that all of you will be able to tune in and celebrate with us.

Kick-off for the event will be at 3pm EST this Saturday, September 9th. The approximate schedule will be as follows:

3pm to 3:45pm - 6 Years of Geek Pants Media w/ Chris, Kris, & Ken

3:45pm to 4:15pm - Instaquestions! w/ Chris, Kris, & Ken

4:30pm to 5pm - Wrestling Rants w/ Chris & Ken

5:15pm to 6pm - BOARD OFF! w/ Kris & Ken

6:45pm to 8pm - Camcast w/ Chris & Ken

8:05pm to 8:40pm - Series Premiere: The Incredible Mind of Kris Fedick

9pm to 10:40pm - Live Reactions to Paul Anderson's SOLDIER w/ Chris, Kris, & Ken

10:40pm to 11pm - Closing & What the Future Holds w/ Chris, Kris, & Ken

During the in-between times, I'll be online to chat to peeps while setting up shots for the next segment. There will also be LOTS of giveaways during the day, so find a copy of SOLDIER and come join us for an amazing day!

Have a great night, Geek-Pantsers!!

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