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Breaking the radio silence

Happy Monday, folks!

If it seems like things have been a little slow on the side of "content" lately, it's true -- and that's 100% on me. I have an awesome list of shorts to shoot/edit for all of you fine Geek-Pantsers out there, but on the other side of the Geek Pant curtain, I've been going through a rather large transition in my personal life.

I'll get more into depth on things over time, but essentially, I left a rather toxic place and today, I'll begin a new career that I generally feel will heal my soul. I've joked with Chris before about a "Pants Off with Ken Livitski" show -- one that delves into the other side of geek culture -- so maybe I'll eventually get to that after these events, but either way, know that I'm successfully healing myself mentally and that'll mean an even better Geek Pants Media in 2024!

Speaking of which, even though things have been a bit slow output-wise on our YouTube channel, our subscribers continue to climb! With only one live Camcast and five Geek Shorts throughout November, we've still climbed another 93 subscribers in the last 28 days, so thank you to all of you!

Alrighty, peeps -- I'm off to work! Chris and I will be back later this week with a Camcast dedicated to the new BLUE BEETLE flick, so I hope you can join us live for that! Keep an eye on our socials for date/time info. Have a great week!


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