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Product review of the Philips 1000 series (TAT1207) wireless headphones

Updated: Dec 2, 2023


The Philips 1000 series (TAT1207) wireless headphones are surprisingly good for the price. I paid $25 for mine (they were on sale for $10 off at Walmart at the time). I have used them for long enough that any major issues should have occurred (a few months) and none have so far. Overall I recommend purchasing these.


The headphones are marketed as “true wireless” headphones. To me this would imply they both work and charge wirelessly but they charge using a base station with external contact point plugs. The buds are held in place by magnets located inside them (and possibly the base station) which hold them firmly in place while charging. The buds charge fairly quickly and I haven’t had to leave them on the charger for more than an hour for a full charge, even when I ran them until they completely lost charge (not including the initial "first ever" charge which took longer).

Battery Life:

The battery life is pretty impressive. I have listened to these at work while performing data entry/routine tasks and have had them last a few days before having the charge indicate less than 100% on my phone. The product specs say “up to 18 hours play time” but I seem to get more than that.

Ease of Use:

Extremely easy to get working. Instructions are easy to follow and operation is intuitive. Changing ear bud tips is very easy and there seems to be little risk of damaging them during changing but it is a bit awkward cleaning out the cavities where the ear buds sit inside the case (if you ever want to do that). Another nice feature is that the buds shut off when placed in the case and auto turn on/pair when taken back out.


Excellent performance. Sound is extremely good and I didn’t have to use an equalizer to customize my audio settings for them. I was listening to some audio drama pod casts when I heard someone cough from behind me. I turned around thinking “how did someone sneak up on me when I can see both entrances to the room?” when a voice started talking behind me. That’s when I realized these support surround sound and, provided the audio you are listening to has done it, the performance is amazing. The Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters and they are serious about that limit. I have walked out of range of my phone a couple of times and they seem to work fine until the edge of the range and then cut out instantly. Performance is great right up to the edge of the range though.

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