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Happy New Year! (and please safely find your way home)

Hello, fellow geeks! It's the final day of 2021, so I wanted to kick off celebrations by touching base with all of you!

Chris and I shot the Spider-Man: No Way Home review a little over a week ago, but between the holidays and dealing with nonstop technical issues, it's been taking me forever to edit and post. I apologize for the wait! As of this moment, the completed Camcast is uploading to YouTube, but due to the length, I have no idea how long it'll take to upload. It should be watchable by tonight, though, so make sure you have your email notifications on and you'll be updated when it's live! Until then, it'll be available on podcast services within the next hour.

Now, due to those issues, I chatted with Chris and I decided to push back the Camcast reviews of The Matrix Reloaded, Revolutions, and Resurrections. I still have yet to see The Matrix Resurrections (again, it's been a busy holiday week), and after all of these technical headaches, I'm just ready for the break. So yeah, please disregard my last post -- we'll shoot and post the three Matrix reviews later in January for all of you to see.

Giveaways! That's right -- our giveaways are still happening at our social pages for Twitter and Instagram! If you want your chance at winning TPB copies of the fantastic Radiant Black, Stray Dogs, and Nocterra, you'll want to hop on those giveaways quick! They end tomorrow and the winners will be announced on Sunday!

Alrighty, folks -- on behalf of myself, Chris, and Kris, Geek Pants Media wishes you all of a very Happy New Year's Eve! Have a safe, fun evening enjoying this final day of the clusterfuck known as 2021. We'll see you in 2022!

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