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Kevin Conroy on Batman's values and never giving up on your dreams

Hi, everyone -- Ken here.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I was in a bit of a rough patch. I'm a writer at heart and I was having a tough time, so in a successful pitch to cheer me up, my brother hired Kevin Conroy to record a Cameo video and send it to me.

Kevin was a childhood hero of mine like I'm sure he was to many other '90s kids out there. The words that he recorded for me were ones that I was going to keep private, but now, after his tragic passing earlier today, I decided to share his amazing message with everyone else. While I will always hold on to this message tightly, Kevin's beautiful words of encouragement should be spread to all.

Kevin Conroy was an amazing human being. He loved his fans. I will greatly miss him.

We love you, Kevin.

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