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Saturday's streaming event was a major success -- thank you!

Geek-Pantsers, on behalf of myself and the other guys, thank you so much for making our first major streaming event a major success!

We had a consistent amount of people online with us throughout the entire 8 hours and that was an absolute blast! We gave away some really cool items to some really cool people and, amazingly, nearly everything went off without a glitch.

Unfortunately, due to a last-minute technical error, the stream will have to be removed from both YouTube and Facebook, but I will make sure to cut the Camcast and BOARD OFF! episodes out of the stream to air them separately -- promise!

Again, thank you to all of you. When you do the "real world" job all day, it's so much fun to just let loose afterwards, chat with friends, and hang out with like-minded individuals like you.

Have an amazing week!

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