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Thank you for 6 incredible years!

Hi, Geek-Pantsers! When I returned back to Thunder Bay in 2017, one of the things that I knew that I had to do was get back with Kris Fedick and Chris Mercier and resurrect the fun and excitement that we had with our years-prior YouTube channel, Cosmic Dragon. This was going to be a new beast, though — one where the “content” (I do loathe that word) would be pumped out more frequently; one with more diversity. I came up with the name Geek Pants Media and the guys both loved it.

From there, I started to scratch together some rough logo designs. The first image (above) is the first rough logo that I ever sketched out. The second image (below) was my next go at it.

I sent these ideas over to Jake Doyle at Snollygoster Productions and he came up with six great designs. This is the third image (below). Originally, the idea was to give the ‘K’ a small circle to look like a head. This was how we were going to differentiate and explain that the ‘K’ was wearing pants. This idea was eventually scrapped. Instead, we went with the ‘GEEK’ from logo A and the ‘PANTS’ from logo F, got rid of the head idea, and added a belt and buckle to the ‘K’. Truth be told, my wife Adrienne is the one that offered that idea and then Jake and I ran with it.

The fourth image (below) is our official logo that’s seen today. I’m truly happy with it and I’ll forever be grateful to Jake for the assist on creating it. The final image (two below) is from YouTube yesterday: a reminder to myself and the guys that it’s our channel’s birthday. It’s crazy that it’s been 6 years already (here I was thinking that it was only our 5th Anniversary this year)!

I’ve had a blast growing the Camcast with Chris! I had a blast putting together some new episodes of BOARD OFF! with Kris (there’s a lot more of Kris Fedick coming, by the way). I had a blast doing all the little side-projects along the way, too, whether it was Geek Shorts, Shriek Pants, I Love Comics, DC FanDome coverage, unboxings, sponsored videos with Channel Craft, or gigs to help promote us with great places such as Hi-Def Ninja.

It’s Year 6, but it feels like things are just getting started! We have a major announcement coming your way real soon — one that’ll celebrate both our anniversary and the 1000 subscribers we’re about to hit on our YouTube channel. I’ll share that with you shortly!

Until then, THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU — stay classy and keep those geek pants on!! ❤️

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