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THE NEW MUTANTS and TENET set to put geeks in a tough position

Well, here we are – after nearly 3 years of delays and waiting, THE NEW MUTANTS’ release date is finally amongnst us. At any other time, the end of August would be an ideal release date for such a film. At this time, all of the big blockbusters would have already been out of the way and we’d be in that lull in-between the movies of the summer and the October Halloween season. TENET would’ve surely released last month as intended. But nope, this isn’t the case for Fox’s (sorry, 20th Century Studios) final X-film. Instead, the House of the Mouse has decided to release THE NEW MUTANTS during the height of a raging pandemic – one that has the majority of theatres in major areas closed down. It’s almost as if those poor mutants are being set up to ultimately fail.

Now, you can say what you will about the X-Men films, but THE NEW MUTANTS has looked consistently fun since its original reveal years ago. In fact, with little to no mention of the existing X-universe, this film could easily take place within the MCU if successful enough. But how can it possibly be successful when major theatres are closed and the ones that are opened will probably not attract too many fans that are willing to test fate? It’s a garbage predicament for Josh Boone’s long-hyped film.

And the same can be said for Christopher Nolan’s TENET. It’ll finally be released this weekend as well after constant push-backs over the last month. Nolan refused for TENET to be shown any other way besides on the big screen and, for some reason, Warner wasn’t willing to bump its release out of the summer like they did with other tentpole films such as WONDER WOMAN 1984.

There’s no denying that we’re in strange times that have been testing us as individuals over and over again throughout the year. Personally, I’m a massive film fanatic and I’ve been sharing my anticipation for THE NEW MUTANTS through the Geek Pants Camcast for over two years. I’m also incredibly excited to watch Nolan’s latest big-budget adventure, but how excited am I, really? Am I willing to sit in a theatre in public knowing that COVID could be floating around my head?

Truthfully, as much as I want to see TENET on the big screen, I feel like I can probably wait to see it. I also feel that, even though it’s going to surely lose money by releasing right now, it doesn’t need my support. It’ll make its money back in the long run and will likely be beloved by all. THE NEW MUTANTS is a different story, though. I adore the X-Men films and was broken hearted when they suddenly met their demise when Disney bought Fox. I’ve patiently awaited THE NEW MUTANTS’ arrival for years, watching as it was delayed for reasons again and again, none of which was its own fault. It’s a film that I absolutely want to watch and support – one that I feel deserves it and needs it. If it fails – and it surely will because of the current climate – Disney will likely grab a shovel and bury it for good. If it can look semi-successful, though, maybe they’ll reconsider.

I’m not telling you to go to the movies during a pandemic. In all honestly, you probably shouldn’t. I’m just talking out loud while trying to make up my own mind. Right now, I feel like I may see THE NEW MUTANTS on the big screen, but during a quiet time like a 10 AM matinee on a Sunday morning. That’s currently where I’m standing. Whether I do or not, we’ll see, but one thing is for certain: this cuts like a double-edged Soulsword. I’m happy to finally see it releasing, but sad that it’s releasing right now.

THE NEW MUTANTS opens nationwide this Friday, August 28th. TENET opens in select worldwide theatres today and will open in select U.S. cities on September 3rd.

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