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The State of Geekdom and the Current Future of Geek Pants Media

What a wacky week, eh? Seriously — this coronavirus S.O.B. spawned out of nowhere and has single-handedly put a foreclosure on Geekdom as we know it (and civilization as a whole). So, let’s take a look at some of the stats thus far:

- THE NEW MUTANTS, A QUIET PLACE: PART II, NO TIME TO DIE, BLACK WIDOW, and many more films have been delayed indefinitely — and that’s on top of theatres nationwide shutting their doors. Plus new genre films such as BLOODSHOT, BIRDS OF PREY, and THE HUNT arrived somewhat DOA and will now be heading immediately to VOD (video-on-demand).

- WRESTLEMANIA will be aired in an empty Performance Centre with zero fans cheering. WWE’s live shows and AEW’s live shows are one thing, but this’ll be unprecedented. How weird it’ll be.

- SXSW, E3, Coachella, and numerous comic conventions, film festivals, and concerts have been either cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

- Comicbook stores nationwide are in deep trouble. Luckily there’s some great publishers out there like Image, BOOM!, Vault, and Oni Press that are helping out the “little guys”. This year's Free Comic Book Day, usually scheduled for the first Saturday of May, has also been delayed indefinitely.

I’m sure there’s many more adjustments on the way for geeks worldwide, but obviously there’s so many more pressing matters, too. Businesses are closing, people are dying… it’ll take a long time for the world to ever be the same again.

I said to my wife the other day, “This is one of those ‘I remember when’ moments.” I very vividly remember the time, where I was, who I was with, and that sinking feeling in my gut when 9/11 happened nearly 20 years ago. This feels like that. It’s a world-changing moment.

So, while I’m sure you have more important concerns, let me tell you where Geek Pants Media is currently at. As of now, Chris, Kris, and I are self-isolating. We have four Camcasts, six episodes of BOARD OFF!, and a couple of Geeky Unboxings in the bank, so content shouldn't slow down for now. As for the "100-Subscriber Giveaway" that Chris and I announced — the one where we were giving away a Batman POP! and an Infinity Gauntlet — that has been delayed for now as this isn't the time to be roaming in and out of post offices. Once things clear up, though, we'll officially announce the winners and ship them their prizes. If things get worse — if we run out of episodes and we still can’t get together — then we’ll figure something out... whether it’s Skype calls, podcast-only shows, or just unboxing random things around the house. I will also try to get both Chris and Kris set up for writing blogs here on the site in case they want to contribute anything for your reading pleasure.

Overall, what I mean is… I don’t plan to slow things down with Geek Pants unless my internet is suddenly cut, so hopefully you’ll have enjoyable content for the foreseeable future to help you get through these hard, strange times.

Alrighty, everyone. Be safe, be kind… and keep those geek pants on.

~ K

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Kris Fedick
Kris Fedick
Mar 21, 2020

This is indeed a world-changing time. Hopefully, when the pandemic is over, the governments of the world will make changes that will prevent a disaster of this magnitude from happening again but, in the mean time, we have to do our best to prevent it from spreading.

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