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Coming soon to Geek Pants YouTube

Hey, Geek-Pantsers! I'm back today with a little update on our YouTube channel going forward.

If you're one of our loyal geeks, you probably noticed the crazy influx of videos (Camcast, deleted clips, shorts, etc.) for a few weeks straight only to be hit by a pretty massive lull throughout the past week. The reason behind that was, well, life got busy. It also looks like life will continue to be busy throughout the rest of the year. So while that means that the deleted clips and shorts may air less frequently, it doesn't mean the Camcast is going anywhere. In fact, this week, Chris and I will be reviewing one of our all-time favourite films, GHOSTBUSTERS, for Camcast #98!

From there, we'll be reviewing GHOSTBUSTERS II, celebrating the 100th episode of the Geek Pants Camcast (details coming soon), and then diving into our annual Halloween celebration -- and we have a great line-up for you horror fiends this year!

Truth be told, I have a very exciting project being lined up at the moment outside of the world of Geek Pants Media and a large portion of my spare time will need to go towards that to ensure it happens, so while content on our YouTube and SoundCloud channels may slow down to make room for that, they're definitely not disappearing.

I hope you're all keeping safe and taking care of each other! Talk again soon!

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