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Geek Rants: Entry #5

For the Canadians out there, Happy Victoria Day! For anyone else, Happy Monday -- hope you get today off from work, too! Honestly, these long weekends are such a blessing when they come along. There's really nothing better than resting your mind (whether you can tell it's being rested or not). I've used this weekend to be rather productive around my house. There's always cleaning and organization that can be found! I'm taking a break from all of that to touch base here, though. We have a lot of to catch up on, so let's get to it!

THE BATMAN is the latest Camcast

and I hope you all enjoyed it! It was great to finally sit down with Chris and discuss the film wholly. It was a really great conversation where Chris even dropped a hot take regarding the final edit of THE BATMAN that will certainly be divisive amongst filmgoers. If you have yet to check out the episode, you can find it in all of the usual places. Below is a clip from the episode where we discuss the weird and unique performance that is Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne.

Alexisonfire is back and holy shit,

the three new songs that released last week on SANS SOLEIL are beyond incredible! Obviously, Alexisonfire won't be for everyone, but Chris and I (and my brother, James) grew up loving these guys, so it's great to hear new music... especially when it's this fantastic! If you have Spotify, check out "Sans Soleil", "Reverse the Curse", and "Sweet Dreams of Otherness" here!

How about that new MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE trailer?!

Wow! The trailer for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - DEAD RECKONING PART ONE went live today and it blew me away! Chris and I were discussing it this morning and it's quite possible this may actually top FALLOUT (which, in case you didn't know, was my #1 favourite film of 2018). With the critically-praised TOP GUN: MAVERICK coming this weekend and now Part 1 and 2 of DEAD RECKONING, it definitely seems like Tom Cruise is performing a bit of a swan song here. It's always been impressive how much love and passion he puts towards performing his own stunts, but with him turning 60 this year and turning out action film after action film for over a decade, it may be time to hang up the action-hero-star cap and return to smaller, easier-on-the-body roles like JERRY MAGUIRE and MAGNOLIA. His upcoming SpaceX film would probably be a great choice for a retirement film from action, but I guess we'll see how that pans out. Nevertheless, here's that latest M:I trailer for you to enjoy:

A new unboxing video is coming to Geek Pants Media this week!

So, for those living under a rock, we had a pandemic the past few years and because of this, the ground border between Canada and the United States was shut down. Well, we have a border store on the U.S. side called Ryden's where Canadians can ship their parcels and then pick up at their convenience. This is super handy because, A) You save on shipping costs, and B) You can get some American snacks and cheaper gas when you go to pick up your packages. The ground border just recently reopened, so I finally made my way to Ryden's to discover that over 30 packages had accumulated for me during the past couple years. It's like Christmas! Anyway, I recorded a quickie unboxing video to show off some of the goodies that I picked up, so you can expect that to air this week on our YouTube channel!

Alright, Geek-Pantsers -- time for me to return to my chores! I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend and that you're enjoying the content that we've been slowly starting to send out again. Chris and I have reviews of MOON KNIGHT and DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS coming soon to the Camcast and I know Kris has some cool stuff planned for the summer, too. Take care of yourselves!



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