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Weekly Update!

Hello, everybody!

If you've been following along, you've probably noticed that three new YouTube videos have been posted over the past few days: two Camcast videos -- one dealing with Christian Bale joining the MCU and the other regarding preferences between open world video games and linear video games -- and one "new" episode of BOARD OFF! Classic featuring Boom Boom Balloon from Spin Master Games.

Also, since I haven't really discussed it, please keep in mind that you can find the Geek Pants Camcast and Shriek Pants on podcast services SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts (for iPhone/Macbook users), and Google Podcasts (for the Android crowd). Check out the last episode of Shriek Pants from SoundCloud at the bottom of this update.

What's to come? Well, I'll be posting a new unboxing video tonight (may end up going live with it, so keep an eye on our channel) and there will be two new Camcasts -- Justice League Revisited and The Future of the DCEU! Expect those Camcasts on both YouTube and podcast services. A new episode of Shriek Pants will also go live on podcast services this Saturday.

Thanks for popping by and sticking by, Geek-Pantsers! Talk soon!

~ Ken

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